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The Tri-sport is a popular choice for many who choose to use their car year-round traveling back and forth from sand to dirt and in some states - the street. Available in 2, 4 or 5 seat versions.  A D.O.T. windshield option makes this model popular among enthusiasts. The Tri-sport comes with a complete body, dual air cleaner system, dome light, pre-runner bumper and full skid plate, Howe power steering, Mendeola 2D, triple by-pass shocks, dual ice chests and much, much more.

Starting at $89,995.

If you are looking for the ultimate machine for the sand, this car is it in all categories - visibility, ride, handling and turning capabilities and of course, looks. Available in 2, 4 or 5 seat versions. This car comes standard with big brakes, center board hubs, Howe steering and a S4 sequential gear box and much, much more.

Starting at $129,995.

If you are looking for one tough dirt car or pre-runner, the DD III (Dirt Devil) is it! Available in 2, 4 or 5 seat versions. This car comes standard with an LS3 motor, pre-runner bumper and skid plate, boxed 2” spindles, center board hubs, 4-piston front and 6-piston rear calipers with vented rotors, Howe 2.5 power steering system, King 3” triple by-pass shocks, roof rack with Baja Designs HID’s, spare tire with brackets and straps, dual ice chests, 2-way radio and intercom system, GPS system, thicker motor and trans skid plates, dual balance bar master cylinder system, dirt air filter system, tail lights on bumper and amber light in rear. Windshield optional on the DD II. As you can see, a real serious dirt car!

DDIII starting at $169.995.

The 2024 Ripper is finally here and it is far exceeding all expectations! With a   newly designed body - rolled roof, wider chassis, fiberglass body and lots of creature comforts, we just can't get enough. Superb  handling 

capabilities and 24"+ of wheel travel. There really is nothing you can't do with this beast.

Standard options incl:

934.5 center board hubs,

934.5 300M axles, Howe 2.5 power rack, 2.0 hollow boxed and plated spindles, large aluminum radiator w/2 stage fan system, 3" King triple by-pass front and rear, 30 gallon fuel tank, boxed and plated upper and lower control arms, Mendeola S4S sequential gear box, 1.75 4130 tube chassis and much, much more.....

Starting at $149,995.

After 20 years we are retiring the Sandstorm Model. All good things must come to an end. Technology  has allowed us to build better cars using state-of-the-art components. Don't worry, we will still service these buggies and many upgrades are still available for these tried and true classics. While the demand is still high for this model, our Tri-sport will be taking its place.

Dune Schedule 2023-2024

November 3-5       

December 8-10  

January 5-7

February 2-4

March 1-3

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