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If you think anyone can build headers, think again. Trevor is our Custom Header builder and is very well know in the area not only for building beautiful looking headers but for building horsepower. Do you have enough horsepower? I didn't think so.

We believe the purpose of building custom headers is to build performance, no matter what the application. There is so much to consider when building headers - length of tube and collector, exhaust expansion, collector diameter, firing order, etc. If done correctly, this will gain power. Also, are you trying to build low-end torque or high RPM HP? All are considered when we talk about building headers for your specialty vehicle.

Twin turbo headers by RAW
Custom equal length 2 into 1 headers #rawmotorsports #ls2  #danzio #442 #700+hp #pumpgas #naturallya
Twin turbo headers for an LS2
RAW's 2 into 1 exhaust
Falcon gasser headers almost complete
hemi prowler headers
Chevy hotrod headers
Gasser headers done!
Ready for ceramic coat
chevy truck
Ready for the road!
Custom headers for a rat rod.
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