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Your V8 Chevrolet engine is equipped with a computer system that monitors it own break-in period. It will start at a certain Rev limit and will adjust after each hour of initial operation. This is a great feature for you and takes the guesswork out of your initial break-in period.



            First oil change -         After first trip.

            Normal wear -             Every other trip.

            Extreme wear -            Every trip.



We suggest 10/40 Torco. Never use synthetics until the car is broke in and the motor has seated. The use of synthetics is never recommended within the first 6 months of operation. Torco Racing Oil is recommended.



We use a Wix filter. Our part #RWD6033.  We always keep these in stock for customer’s convenience.



It is not necessary to change your transmission oil after the first trip, like motor oil. Under normal wear, we suggest every six months or once per seasonal service.



We use a Swepco or Torco 140W gear oil. Our part #RWLU13003. We always keep this in stock for customer’s convenience.


CV’s: (This is a very important part of your maintenance schedule)

We suggest servicing every 4 trips. Blow off sand, pull back boot and inspect cage and bolts. Re-torque bolts to 40lbs. Re-pack with a high quality cv grease. Don’t be afraid to use one full tube per side.  Do not use an inexpensive grease here, as it will rinse out the good grease initially used. We use HPC1 and/or Belray. A Swepco 101 can also be used. We carry the HPC, Swepco and Belray for customer’s convenience.

            934 cv’s w/12mm head – 65 lbs

            934 cv’s w/1/2’ head – 95 lbs



We suggest you clean your air filter and outerwear after every trip. See K & N filter cleaning instructions.  Consider purchasing a second air filter for a spare. Keep in a bag, cleaned and oiled, ready to go when needed. We recommend R2C air filters, which do not use oil.


Filter and outerwear part#’s:

Cadillac Air filter:  RWD6051

Cadillac outerwear: RWD6015

LS1 Air filter: RWD6014

LS1 outerwear: RWD6050



We suggest you check after every fourth trip.



We suggest you check once a season.



Your shocks are set-up before you pick up your car. There shouldn’t be any adjustment needed on your part. We generally find after about 1 year you know your car a little better and are testing it a little more. At that time, we may need to adjust your shocks. The nitrogen should be checked every 3-4 trips with a proper gauge. Please do not try to adjust or change shock settings without proper equipment. Nitrogen setting: 200psi rear; 165psi front.



Your car is equipped with a CBR Racing radiator specially made for raw cars. We use an antifreeze and distilled water mixture. Use a 30/70 ratio.



Each morning, before you run, you should check your lugs to make sure they are tight. Torque to 85 lbs.  If running in the sand, we generally suggest a tire pressure of 10-15lbs on the front and rear. If running on the dirt, we suggest 18lbs in the front and the rear.  It is normal, after time, to get sand in between the tires and wheels. Paddle manufacturers suggest a Berryman Tire Sealer. We carry this tire sealer for our customer’s convenience.



Circuit breakers are located under the center console. This does not require service.

Whip fuse is located under center console. It requires a 5 Amp fuse.

Fan, fuel and ECU are located next to the starter, behind the passenger fan.  On some models, the fuses are mounted under the rear seats.


BATTERY: Do not charge battery like a standard battery. This is a dry cell battery. See battery owner’s manual.

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